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Environmental Practices

  • All of our products are tested on family and friends, not on animals.


    Our products are handcrafted in small batches, and our soaps are individually cut and packaged by hand, using sustainable, fair trade, organic products when available.

    • We use no chemical additives or preservatives, only naturally occurring elements, and select ingredients that are ecologically responsible.
    • We also consider the distance they have to travel. If possible, we buy ingredients that do not have to travel great distances, or we buy from bulk suppliers within North America.
    • The ingredients are certified organic, fair trade when available, either food grade or cosmetic grade, and unrefined.
    • The scents are produced by combining pure essential oils.
    • The colors are the result of the natural combination of ingredients.
           Please visit our ingredients page to find out more details about specific ingredients we choose to use and those we refuse to use. 


    Our goal is zero plastic. We strive to use ingredients and packaging that are produced with the least amount of processing and the least impact to the environment. In order to achieve zero plastic there must be alternatives provided by our suppliers. In some cases there are no alternatives. We will always choose to use an alternative to plastic when available.

    Currently, there is zero plastic in the packaging for our soaps, the packing material used to ship our products has zero plastic, and there is a small amount of plastic in the lids for the containers we use for our skin nutrients. Some of our supplies used in the crafting of our products are provided in glass or metal containers.


    Soap Wraps – The paper for our soap wraps is sourced from a local company, made from bamboo grown without pesticides or fertilizers. Totally acid free, chlorine free, and made exclusively by a historic New England paper mill. Printed with vegetable-oil based and low-Volatile Organic Compound (VOC) inks and solvents.

    We use a limited amount of paper handcrafted in Nepal from the Lokta plant, which is comprised of several species of Daphne. It is an indigenous plant of Nepal found at an altitude of 6500 to 9500 feet. The bark of the Lokta has been used as paper for thousands of years. The plants are harvested by cutting the stems at ground level without destroying the main root. Lokta regenerates naturally in 2 to 3 years, with no adverse effect.


    Labels – We use Certified Fair Trade paper made from wildgrass, 100% tree-free and natural. 100% Recyclable, Compostable, and Natural, Totally Chlorine Free (TCF). Paper is unbleached or non-chlorine bleaching has been used to avoid creating dioxins.

    Please visit the Distant Village blog for more information. Green America member since 2007


    We recycle:

    • All of the soap scraps produced during the processing and packaging of our products are hand milled and converted into Limited Edition Bars.
    • All paper scraps are composted or recycled.
    • What little plastic we are forced to endure is sent to the recycling center.
    • All of the boxes we receive goods in are reused.
    We Use:
    • Soap Molds made from 100% renewable and compostable material.
    • Gift Boxes, filling and paper made from 100% renewable and recyclable materials.
    • Office Paper and Labels made from 100% FSC Certified Post Consumer Content, water based 100% recyclable adhesive, 100% tree-free and natural paper, 100% Recyclable, Compostable, and Natural, and Totally Chlorine Free (TCF).
    • Printer that has an end-of-life return policy and does not contain: •Asbestos •Cadmium •Lead •Mercury (except lamps containing less than 10 mg) •Chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), halons, HCFCs, HBFCs, 1,1,1 trichloroethane, carbon tetrachloride or methyl bromide •Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCB) or polychlorinated terphenyls (PCT) •Plastic parts do not contain polybrominated biphenyls (PBBs) or polybrominated biphenyl ethers (PBBEs) (also known as polybrominated biphenyl oxides (PBBOs)) •Halogenated flame-retardants.
    • Ink Cartridges with 50% – 70% recycled content and 48% – 67% post consumer waste content.
    • Light Bulbs that are either fluorescent or halogen.
    • Heat produced from at least 50% renewable resources.
    • Electric sourced from 50% wind and 50% hydro power.
    • Well water.



    You may also wish to view our Environmental Policy 

  • We accept U.S. bank issued checks.

    If paying by check, please mail your check with your order to Fabled Frog Soap Inc, PO Box 135, Richmondville, NY 12149.

    Orders paid by check will ship when the funds clear the bank.

    If local pick-up is preferred please call 518-505-5404 for instructions.


    Custom packaging and essential oil blends are available for special occasions, such as weddings and showers, gifts with your business logo, and wholesale for the service industry.

    Because of the time required to cure handcrafted soap, it can take 2-4 months to fill custom orders. Please allow plenty of time for custom orders. The minimum order for custom work is one batch, or about 180 ounces.


    Shipping is via USPS with free Delivery Confirmation. 

    Flat rate priority and parcel post mail rates will be charged according to the current published postal rates. We currently only ship to the U.S and Canada.



    There may be times when the product ordered is out-of-stock, or is in the curing process, which will delay filling orders. We will inform you of any products that are unavailable for immediate shipment.



    Taxes are not included in the purchase price and will be added to the total value of the order if applicable.


    The shelf life of this handcrafted soap is 12- 24 months, but they can last longer if kept in ideal conditions. We have had good results with storage in a plain brown paper bag, in a dry, cool place. It is best to avoid storage in humid conditions. Handcrafted soaps naturally contain glycerin, which attracts moisture. Keep the soap dry between uses. Discoloration of the soap may occur if stored with other products that cause oxidation. Long term storage as a sachet is not recommended. These products contain no artificial preservatives.


    Even naturally produced products can result in a reaction if a person is sensitive to the ingredients. We strive to provide a product that is suitable for most users. Please check the ingredients carefully before ordering. Feel free to contact us for additional information on any product we offer.

    Any information collected in the process of filling orders is kept confidential and will never be sold or given to a third party for marketing purposes.

  • Exchanges will be considered for soaps that are in their original packaging and have not been used.

    Please return the product postage paid, in the original packaging, within 30 days of receipt, to Fabled Frog Soap Inc, PO Box 135, Richmondville, NY 12149. Please let us know the reason for the return and which product of equal or lessor value you would like for a replacement.

    Unfortunately, we cannot accept exchanges for any product that has been used, or for our skin oils due to the nature of the products. We would be happy to consider a store credit for any product you are not fully satisfied with. Please call 518-505-5404, or contact us to request a store credit.

    Any information collected in the process of filling orders is kept confidential and will never be sold or given to a third party for marketing purposes.

  • Any information collected in the process of filling orders is kept confidential and will never be sold or given to a third party.

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